Last year got 30,000 people gain PR! Want to join them? Read this 2016 simple guide!

Feeling worried about the whole process? Not sure what to do?

According to a government report, around 29,955 people gained PR status last year, while 20,815 people gained Singapore Citizenship.


The media reports that in the past four years, 90,000 people on average applied for PR status. The success rate is around 33%. Which means for every 3, one will be successful. In 2008, the figure was a high 80,000, while it was close to 60,000 in 2009.

But since then, the government has clamped down on their immigration policy. The process of approval has never been made known publicly, but there’s been suggestion all around that maybe the rules can be stricter, and be more inclusive where the community people can have a say in it. For instance, every 5-10 Singaporeans will be needed to endorse a PR application.

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said that the approval process will take into consideration how long the applicant has stayed in Singapore, his/her family background, economical contribution to the country, age, study qualifications and the relationship with his/her family. However, he refused to elaborate further.

Singapore PR

So it’s pretty much pray and hope. How do you fulfill the conditions to gain PR status? Here’s a 2016 simple guide.

  1. Eligibility to apply for PR

Just who can apply for PR? Basically all. And despite what DPM Teo said, there’s no real factors that can affect the process. It takes into consideration whether he/she has:

  • A Singaporean spouse, or a child that is yet 21 years old
  • Singaporean parents
  • EP or SP permit holders
  • Investor (Entrepass holders, with a capital investment of around S$2.5m)

Tips to take note of:

WP holders cannot apply for PR, but if his/her spouse is a Singaporean/PR/EP & SP holder, maybe can apply with a guarantor.

Study mamas and those on study pass cannot apply for PR, unless they fulfill any of the four criteria above.

Singapore pr

  1. What documents are needed? (Remember, make copies for everything!)
  • The main PR application form
  • Company endorsement form (to be filled by HR department)
  • Passport (personal particulars page, all passport details that have the latest passport stamps)
  • IC
  • SP/EP or WP
  • Education qualifications
  • Marriage cert (if have, need to be translate into English)
  • Birth Cert (translate in English)
  • Employer’s recommendation letter (must contain details of job employment details)
  • Past 6 months’ payslip
  • Past 3 years income tax report (if don’t have, go to ICA and request to fill in this Appendix-1 PR-PTS form. ICA will then approach IRAS)
  • Company profile (mainly for self-employed EP holders)
  • Education, birth cert, passport and IC of spouse (in English)
  • Birth cert of child (in English)
  • Death cert, or proof of divorce (in English)
  • Any other important supplements (if it can be of any help to you!)
  1. After which, go to > apply for permanent residence > e-appointment …go there book a date/time for your appointment. Note: You need a Singpass for access and check your PR application status.

Singapore PR

On the day of appointment, ring all the documents and go to the fifth floor of the ICA building. If you didn’t bring the pre-book notification, go to the counter and ask. They will then assign a queue number to you. After submission, the officer in charge will pass you a receipt. There will be a REF number, which you can log in to the ICA website and check on the application status.

There’s this possibility you will be recalled to add on/amend documents. Just follow the instructions on the follow-up letter and do so.

Address of ICA Building:

ICA Building

Permanent Resident Services Centre

5th Storey, 10 Kallang Road

Singapore 208718

Nearest MRT: Lavendar

After submission, and if you are successful…CONGRATULATIONS! Now, you need to standby these documents.

  • Health report
  • Original passport
  • All original SP / EP / WP documents
  • Four photos, all passport size. In ICA, there’s a photo studio on the fifth level
  • EP 152: this is a document which you need to submit to your HR department

After booking online, submit all these when the day comes, pay an administrative fee of $140, and wait for further notice….yes, your dream PR is now SUCCESSFUL!

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