Singaporean males, be afraid! Here’s why foreigners like Singaporean ladies

With more Singapore women married to foreigners, this is cause for concern. How will the Singaporean males react? Maybe they can hear what the foreigners have to say?

marry with foreign

Peter, 40, American
Why: Stability

“Yes, it’s true, Singaporean women admit that they always have money and status in mind when they choose a boyfriend. Peter is a English teacher by profession, and he says that what goes on in the minds of the 20 female students in his class. He thinks that the divorce culture is rampant in American society, and the wife gets to collect HALF of the assets! But that’s not quite the case with Singaporean women, who craves for a family built on trust. They will only think of divorce as the last resort.

local girl

Nick, 30, American

Why: Sincerity

“Singaporean women are more approachable, and have a sense of humour. They are also sincere, and everything they say comes from the heart. In New York, a greeting might sound fake, but it’s not the case here in Singapore. I can feel it.”

singaporean girl

Ben, 27, Englishman

Why: figure/skin type

“Western and oriental women have their own advantages. But what made me attracted to Singaporean women, oriental women is because of their good figure and nice skin. They are hot! I know Western women might be more well-endowed but the oriental women still wins on the overall count. And the plus point is that they can also take care of themselves, more independent that is.”

Ron, 33, Englishman

Why: self-discipline

“Some say that a woman’s character will only be revealed after marriage. Really? My little brother married a Singaporean woman, who’s slightly older than him. But what I can observe is that their relationship is lukewarm. She is strong-headed, fiercely independent, and will do everything to get what she wants. I guess these things didn’t show up during their courtship…hahaha. I can only pray for my brother!”

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