This is my Singapore mum-in-law’s living habits – it’s driving me crazy!

I have been in Singapore for two months, and because I am still awaiting my PR to be approved, I have no choice but to live with my mum-in-law on a temporary basis. Gradually, I grew to dislike her living habits. Singapore is, after all, a clean and green city, and her citizens got to love cleanliness right? But it’s not the case with my mum-in-law.

After her bath every night, she will transfer all the water she used to wash her clothes into another pail. And that she will stick a mop inside! I was astonished the first time I saw that. One other time, I saw my towel and mop inside the same pail! You can imagine how angry I was. So no choice, that ESPRIT towel was reused as a rag cloth! I think she is the only person in Singapore who will do that.

When I first stepped into this home, I told my mum-in-law that I can wash my own clothes. Strangely, she was very reluctant about it. Only then I realise she was afraid I would be wasteful. I brought along a famous washing detergent that is quite expensive – but she would use it and mix with her cheap cheap detergent! Oh my god! And she just can’t somehow wash the clothes cleanly. In the end, I chose not to send my more expensive clothes for washing! Smart choice!

Now is the monsoon season in Singapore – and everytime it rains, I will help bring the clothes in. However, she will always wave me away and ask me go use the ipad. About one hour later, I realise she didn’t bring in the clothes at all. The clothes are by then all wet – and I will question her. Guess her reply? She will dump all of them back into the washing machine again! That is just double work, isn’t it?

My mum-in-law is also helping to take care of her neighbour’s baby. Every time the baby wails, she will not go and console him. Strange, but her theory is that the baby won’t be able to grow up if he doesn’t cry loud enough. What reason is that? I can’t imagine what will happen to my future kid if he/she is entrusted in her care! And oh, one more thing, when he poo poo – guess what she use to wipe? No, not soap, but the cleaning detergent. Yes, you heard it right! And one thing – when the baby goes for a bath, he will be in a lying position…..on the bathroom floor! Yucks! He is only 6 months old, for god’s sake! And he is cleaned by using LUX soap, and not baby shampoo/wash. The baby skin so supple one you know – aiyo, say liao really vomit blood.

Her another habit is that she likes to go through my husband’s wallet. I was uneasy with that and asked him to bring the wallet into our room. But she won’t give up – and will sneak in to do just that! Once, I returned from outside and forgot to put my EZLINK card inside my purse. I left it on the table in the living room instead. The next morning, I went for a shower and my mum-in-law sneakily put the EZLINK card into my purse. I then purposely asked whether she was the one who helped me put the card back, and to my surprise, she admitted to it. I told my husband what happened, but his reply suggested that I might have forgotten all about it instead! I am still young – how come so fast got dementia right?

My mum-in-law also likes to intrude into our privacy. Whatever I chat on the phone with my friends, she will always ask here ask there after the phone call. She must be the one who is really suffering from dementia I think! She will even ask how many boyfriends I have previously! And whenever I bring in things from outside – she will ask whether Shanghai have these things or not. Eh hello, Shanghai is a big city okay!

Her questions sometimes can really make you laugh. Once, we talked about the life span of a dog. I said maybe 8 years. Then she suddenly turned serious and asked, what about dogs from Shanghai!?!?!? She also asked whether the toilet bowls are any different or not? Incredible right!

And she never ever step into kitchen one – everyday always buy food from outside. She will complain about using the gas, and everything. I am so sick of that, really…

She is not even 50 – but why is she behaving like she is in her 80s? I guess I have to accept my fate. I think she is one of a kind! Even my friends can’t believe it!

At the time of writing, the letter from ICA has arrived. I didn’t manage to gain PR status, but fortunately still can buy flat, albeit with lesser housing grants. I don’t think I can tolerate this anymore. I need to move out fast fast fast!

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