Singapore’s perfect model for May Day! 92 year old grandma still work!

In Singapore, you will see uncles and aunties in their old age, maybe 60-70s, still working in foodcourts. They will collect your plates, bowls and cups…pretty normal stuff in this city state. But have you ever seen a 92 year old working at a fast food restaurant?

Situated in the Bedok Interchange, at a McDonald’s restaurant, there’s this 92-year-old old grandma, or super grandma, named Madam Wu. She is the oldest employee under that food giant’s payroll, and has worked there for 18 years.

Can you believe she’s 92?

She’s the matriarch of a four-generation. She has five children, ten grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. Previously, she could enjoy the full company of her descendants. But with all her kids now busy at work, she felt kind of lonely at home. And so, through the help of her granddaughter, she found a job with McDonld’s in 1998. It is a 20 minute walking journey from home to her workplace.

After all, her years of toiling in the kitchen came in handy. She picked up the ropes pretty fast, and eased into her role. When asked about the difficulties of the job, she said there are none. However, she revealed the dangers of being scalded by the hot oil when frying fries.

Luckily, her colleagues have been a helpful bunch.

“They will help me carry heavy loads, or will help me when the customer line gets long.”

The work may be repetitive, and can be a strain on the body, but Madam Wu is still full of passion for the job.

“As long as my health is okay, I will continue to work,” she said.

PS: having read Madam Wu’s story, we should feel slightly embarrassed by her fighting spirit. Why not pay a visit to her outlet, and give her support? Jia you!