Top 10 types of people you must never lend money to

  • One with an untrustworthy credit record

If a person has a dodgy credit record, this is the kind to avoid. He already don’t care about his reputation already, why would he repay you?

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  • One with a poor money-making ability

If a person who doesn’t walk the talk, and don’t have this passion to grow money. You will be really asking for it lah!

  • One who don’t have the potential to pay up

Actually, lending money to someone is a form of investment. You might get human favours in return. But forget about it if you think he doesn’t fit into this category.


  • One who indulges in investment

Some borrow money to invest in stocks and shares. But that might backfire on them. You would need to open your eyes big, observe what kind of stocks they’re after before opening your wallet.

  • One who needs it to buy car buy house

A pure friendship is not built on money. Lending money to your friends can only be based on an emergency case, not to help them get out of poverty. If they can’t afford to buy these two, I’m sorry, they have only themselves to blame. You don’t have to play along with him really.

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  • One who uses it to play the stock market

This bear and bull game is just like going to the casino. 80% will see their money go up in smoke. Don’t be the foolish one backing them.


  • One who has a complicated background

As an old saying goes: “when a person borrow money from you, he is as timid as a mouse. But when you ask your money back from him, he is like a king!” So you can imagine how hard you can get back your S-11 when it comes to repayment time!

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  • One who has bad habits

This is quite a no-brainer. Gamblers, drug addicts…you know where this is heading. Unless you feel generous, please go ahead.

  • One who has a troubled past

What’s there to fear when he has been to jail? You think he will be intimidated when it comes to paying up time?

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  • One who did not clear the old debts first

According to a wise man, got return punctually, next time borrow again no problem. Why would you risk giving away your money if that person haven’t clear his old debts? Don’t fall for it.

Okay, all clear? Money in your pocket still the safest lah…

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