Check out the realities of got car, no car in Singapore!

In Singapore, those without a car tend to admire those who own a car. The convenience of going anywhere, anytime…it is such a luxury. But on the other hand, those who own a car also have their own set of problems. Such as traffic jams, parking problems and fines…etc.

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Here’s separating reality from fantasy.

Fantasy 1: those who drive to work can sleep in a little longer

Reality 1: actually got car, also have to wake up half a hour earlier, because the traffic jams are a killer.

Fantasy 2: got car sure can arrive on time for work, and can collect the work incentive

Reality 2: without car, will be late like 2-3 times a week. But if have car, actually late every time ah. Don’t know why also

Fantasy 3: got car, go where also can, Jurong or Changi no problem lah

Reality 3: got car, only go to places where got ample parking. It’s all selective actually.

singapore carpark

Fantasy 4: you go your way, you decide your destination

Reality 4: sometimes your way will be blocked by others, you might not even reach your destination, touch wood!

Fantasy 5: I can stop for a while, the summons police will close one eye

Reality 5: you wait long long. I will just straight away book you!

Fantasy 6: avoid the heat, hide inside car, enjoy air con

Reality 6: actually, it will take up quite a bit of petrol…er…better not

car park

Fantasy 7: short distances only, so will not be a monthly burden

Reality 7: insurance+petrol+parking+fines+maintenance fees…wah lau, more expensive than raising a kid!

Before after buying a car

Before: 70 kg

After: 90 kg (lack of walking exercise mah, right?)

Before: know every bus route by heart

After: know the parking fees by heart

Before: jog on the road, leisure walk…

After: do it in the gym instead, don’t want to hit the road lah!

bishan mrt

Before: can play football for 90 mins, swim for 1000m

After: can play football for only 10 mins, and swim 100m…pant pant…

Before: scold drivers got no manners

After: scold pedestrians got no manners

Before: every time take cab, $10

After: every time top up petrol, $100

buy car

Before: people don’t know how rich you are even if you have gold bars inside your pockets.

After: people know how rich you are as long as you dangle your car keys!

Now now now…any car owners can relate to this? Any truth in this? Well, do comment please…