11 toughest jobs in Singapore. Wanna ‘siam’?

There’s this famous saying. Good jobs are all the same one. But bad jobs come in many different patterns.

These bad jobs…either they have long working hours, or you have to work the graveyard shift.Something like a 4am start time, when most of Singapore is asleep. And when you finish work and go home, you feel like a walking zombie and cannot get quality sleep. Your happiness index goes down and you feel stressed all over. Feels familiar? Looks like you might belong to this category! Let’s take a look at the top 11 toughest jobs in Singapore. They are in no particular order.

1.Construction / road works

workers in singapore

Mostly dominated by foreign workers. The salary is pittance, and the rest time is never enough. The medical benefits are minimal too. And that in an industry that is prone to accidents! A report released by the Building & Construction Authority reveals that there have been six high rise fall accidents in the first half of this year. This might have been related to construction companies that have tendered low for contracts, and have to scrimp and save on personal insurance for their workers.


Singapore old workers

Road sweepers are still dominated by foreign workers. But in the foodcourts, coffeeshops, the cleaning jobs are mostly taken up by the Singapore elderly. For the young, it may seem like nothing. But trust me, it is a strenuous job to clear the plates and bowls and cups. They can only keep on working until maybe when they drop a bowl on the floor, and the sound is loud enough to make you acknowledge their existence. True?

3.Lorry / transport drivers

driving job

Singapore have a good road system. So, it’s still quite good. The good thing is that you get to drive your lorry/van back home. But what about the cons? Long working hours, and required to work the midnight shift. Required to work on weekends/public holidays too. The basic salary is nothing to shout about, and it is only supplemented by O.T. pay!


maid in singapore

Singapore is a maid-infested country. There’s 200,000 maids in the island. Which averages out to 1 for every 30 people here. They hail from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. Their working hours are super long – and their rest day is basically Sunday. The salary is also laughable. Only $500 to $600! Like the construction workers, they have left their families, their kids and parents, behind as they come here to seek for a better life. So that they can earn more money and send it back home. But in return, they sacrifice the family love and the opportunity of watching their kids grow. And oh, there’s also the threat of getting an abusive employer!

5.Assembly line worker


It is a monotonous job. And you work like a robot. These jobs are usually during the unearthly hours. And sometimes, for safety and hygiene reasons, you need to wear a mask and not talk. There’s no freedom at all!

6.Supermarket cashier


You need to have an alert mind to take up this job. Simple arithmetic skills are also needed. If you don’t know how and anyhow give wrong change, then you have to pay it out of your pocket. The working hours are long too, and you also need to pack the groceries for the customers too!

7.Hotel staff


Working at the hotel is classy. But your service level must also be of a world class standard. If you can’t give it, you can expect complaints flying in. And a good command of English is also required, and that’s on top of having a can-do work attitude.



Young people craving for a taste of the work life. It depends on what kind of boss you have. If you have the bad one, then too bad. You would soon discover that it is not a bed of roses. You are the lowest form of life in this environment, and you are at the command of basically everyone! But the experience can be good though. It doesn’t kill you but make you stronger.

9.Call center customer services

singapore call center

These voices you hear at the other end – they might sound chirpy and bright. But you will never realise that they have just been insulted in their previous call. If the phone doesn’t ring, they simply just fold their hands and wait. But you are mostly chained to the chair. Because you simply have to wait for the calls to come. If not, people will complain right? And some are required to make cold calls too. And I can tell you it’s just not great hearing the person at the other end slamming the phone down without replying!

10.Door salesman

door to door sales

You need to be a glib talker. That is the only quality required. If you don’t have it, you need to look for another job. Because if you don’t know how to convince a potential customer, your commission quota will not be met. If you think you can sell ice to Eskimos, then this is the right job for you.

11.Reporters, field producers

This might sound like a glamorous job, but much preparation is needed. And the working hours can be super long. But Singapore is a safe country. So there’s really nothing much to ‘report’ lah. But if there are really big stories to report, you might be required to work for three days and two nights straight!

Do you own one of the jobs above? If yes, please comment!