Employment Pass to be raised from $3,300 to $3,600 from Jan 1 2017

Eligibility Requirements of Employment Pass (“EP”) before announced

  • The current salary threshold for the EP is $3,300. However, aside from the minimum salary, the applicant’s educational qualifications and work experiences will be considered by the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) in granting the EP.
  • However, do note that the minimum fixed monthly salary requirement of S$3,300 is typically applicable to fresh graduates from good quality educational institutions, whereas older applicants who are experienced will need to command higher salaries in order to qualify. There is no list of approved institutions as MOM will evaluate each tertiary institution on its own merit based on a wide range of criteria.
  • There is no official quota system. Each application is reviewed by authorities based on credentials of the employing company and the applicant.
  • While guidelines are provided, the EP application is still at the discretion of the authority.

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Eligibility Requirements of Employment Pass (“EP”) after announced

The qualifying salary for Employment Pass (EP) applications will be raised from $3,300 to $3,600, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) announced on (July 26).

This is part of its regular efforts to keep pace with rising local wages, maintain the quality of Singapore’s foreign workforce and enhance their complimentarity to the local workforce, the ministry said.

The last revision to the EP’s qualifying salary was made in January 2014, when the current minimum was increased from $3,000.

The new qualifying salary will kick in from Jan 1 next year (2017).

EP Pass requirment

EP Pass requirment 2

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