Wanna become a chef in Singapore? Answer these questions first!

Singapore is a food haven. Anyone who fancies being a chef will probably have been inspired by some glorious food at the hawker centres of old. But just how many really know the difficulties of working in the kitchen. Wanna become a chef in Singapore? Answer these questions first!

Don’t be deceived by the glamorous celebrity chefs you see on cooking reality shows. If you really are keen to exchange your working keyboard for a wok, it would first require immense patience. Any chef worth his salt would have gone through years of intensive preparation and learning. No pain no gain, right?

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Below are the top ten self-assessment questions from Fine Dining Lovers. It will make you realise the trial and tribulation of being a chef. Answer them in all honesty.

  1. Do you realise how tough it is to be a chef?
  2. Are you strong enough? Do you know it is a sin to take MC? And weekends are basically BURNT.
  3. Do you know the working hours of a chef? Have you ever clocked 60 hours of work in a week before? If not, just forget about it
  4. So what if you have a certificate from a cooking school? Once you step into the kitchen, you officially start from the bottom
  5. Can you stand the heat from the stove? It is hot, hot, hot. And it is no good for males especially in the “sensitive area”.
  6. Are you prepared to see waiters drawing better payslips?
  7. Are you ready for burns, cuts and various pains? These are the so-called war scars of a chef!
  8. You do know you might not make it to tv as a celebrity chef?
  9. How is your threshold for stress? It is one of the toughest industries in the world.
  10. Can you sleep for just a few hours every day? It is a job that requires you to be up early, and back home late. What? You’re a Malaysian, and you cross the border every day for work? Give up lah!

So, are you frightened off? No? then maybe have a read of the book ’Tough Secrets of 50 Top Chefs’, published by Fine Dining Lovers.

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A chef will always have a constant pressurized working lifestyle. It will bring harm to your mental health. And you will find yourself swearing every now and then! Your hands will be full of cuts and burns, and your legs will suffer because of the long standing in the kitchen. That goes the same for your back and waist.

Even your shortest working day will be longer than the usual 9-to-5 job routine. That’s why you will always have sleep debts to pay off. Forget about your social life. It is non-existent. The kitchen is basically your first home, and your HDB flat is a place just for rest.

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When people are celebrating festivals and public holidays, you will have to cook for them. New Year’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day lah…you know lah. Work on your birthday? Of course, no choice. That is how you will have great difficulty in finding your life partner. Damn the duty roster!

Remember that you have to start from the bottom? Your attitude has to be perfect. Your pay might not be fantastic. If you are not after money but the experience, maybe you are suitable for this industry. Top marks if you splurge your salary on cook books and meals at different new restuarants! And it says much about your love for the job if you buy the latest set of Ginsu knives!

If you are really after fame, then I suggest you give up the idea. Just how often you see famed celebrity chefs in Singapore? Maybe just two or three. And I mean world class ones!

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So then, are you still adamant in becoming a top-rated chef? If this article didn’t frighten you off, then go pursue your dream! Good luck!

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