2017 – Latest from Singapore ICA! New rules and checklist for applying Singapore PR

Those who want to apply for Singapore RP, please listen up! Singapore ICA has just released the new requirements. Here are the main notes:

  1. ICA will no longer accept any application forms that are incomplete. You would be required to resubmit if that’s the case. Previously, you would be given a two-month grace period to add further information to your application.
  1. Have all original and copies of the supporting documents ready. If you were to submit copies version, they will treat it as the final version. The officer will first check whether the entries on the original and copies are aligned. He/she will then return the original copy to you on the spot.
  1. ICA doesn’t provide photocopy services anymore. However, the photo studios at level 4 and 5 still exist.
  1. A document checklist will be provided on whether you have all the documents on hand.
  1. You no longer need Singpass to book an appointment.

(ICA – application for permanent residence in soft copy format)

Latest document checklist for PR application (for SP/EP holders):

Source: ICA

Reminder, these are the documents required for submission. They will be rejected if it’s incomplete. If the document is not English, it must be officially translated. And it must have a copy to go along with it too.

Sole application:

  1. Passport-sized photo (copy and original)
  2. EP & S Pass
  3. Identification papers (if any)
  4. Certificate of birth
  5. Name change documents (if any)
  6. All school qualifications (including the latest graduation), results certificates, accredition
  7. Any letter of recommendation from previous employers, letter of employment
  8. Last six months pay slip
  9. Past three years tax invoice slip
  10. BIZFILE registration papers (for the self-employed) plus the latest sales report of the past three months.

For those who are married, more documents are required:

  1. Wedding cert
  2. Past marriage certificates / death certificates of spouses / divorce certificates (if any)
  3. Certificate rights of child ownership (if any)
  4. Highest school qualifications of spouse (if any)

For those applying together with a spouse:

  1. Spouse’s latest passport-sized photo (copy and original)
  2. Spouse’s birth certification
  3. Spouse’s Name change documents (if any)
  4. Spouse’s NRIC (if any)
  5. Spouse’s past marriage certificates / death certificates of spouses / divorce certificates (if any)

For those applying together with kids:

  1. Child’s latest passport-sized photo (copy and original)
  2. Child’s birth certification
  3. Child’s adoption papers (if any)
  4. Child’s name change papers (if any)

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