Local girl:Poor never mind, only scared you don’t have the desire to improve yourself!

My best friend is 29 this year. Our friendship is at least seven or years old. It was formed during the time I came over to Singapore. Few days ago, she told me that she will not date anyone that is poor. She claimed that being poor is a crime itself!

“Don’t you think it’s quite astonishing to see youths that are poor?” she said.

“In today’s society, as long as you are willing learn and be more hardworking, it would be enough for you to self-sustain. Anyone that is poor probably has a character flaw!”

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“Especially men, poverty can gauge whether this person has a sense of responsibility. For example, a man that sets up a stall in the open, he can get along if he has a bunch of good friends to rely on. If he doesn’t have any, it means his EQ is terribly low. It’s quite understandable if he has a problem finding his other half, but if he doesn’t even have a friend, 99% of the blame falls on him!

I then recalled my young days. When I was in my early twenties, everyone was comparing how poor her boyfriend was. Ha! To think we were ignorant then, thinking that love conquers all. Now, most are divorcees, and the rest, well, just struggling to get by. And that’s because the men we loved then are not just poor, but are not willing to improve on their situation!

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Having witnessed all these real life examples, I am sorry to say this…but the truth hurts. It’s best if a girl don’t find a man who has low desire to improve himself. If you are the exception, that means you are not seeking a quality life, are super rich or your dad is filthy rich!  Or he is super handsome that you can’t take your eyes off him!

No matter what, the basic necessities need to be taken care of. If can’t afford a HDB flat, also need to set aside some money to rent one. Housewife or career woman, you also will get pregnant, give birth and go through the confinement month. Your kid need to be at least 3 years old before you can really rejoin the workforce. And yeah, don’t let me get started on the costs of bringing up a kid.

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Some have asked me on my refusal to have a child. It’s not that I don’t want – but I only want to be responsible for a little life. I am unsure whether I can be a good mum or not to. I can be selfish in my thinking as I think I would have sacrificed much time taking care of a child. If you are intending to enter parenthood late, don’t worry! I have seen my friends that gave birth at the age of around 40. Their kids look exceptionally cute!

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The poor men I know. Well, most of them are lazy, just pure lazy. And it’s not just restricted to their workplace, but their home too! So, good luck to you if you have one lazy husband!

And the noticeable trait in them is that they are ultra-sensitive! If you talk about the latest car model or the posh-looking condominium, they will quickly put you down, say you “money-face”! And they will throw in some questions like, aiya why I never see you like that during our courtship days, if you like money then why choose me….blah blah blah.

Those sweet nothings during the courtship days – they are basically useless when it comes to settling everyday issues.

I have a friend, who just broke up with her boyfriend of ten years. The reason? On her birthday, the couple went for a dinner feast, but after it ended, the man was acting blur…his wallet firmly in his pocket. Sad? I am sad for both.

He even had the cheek to say that my friend ordered too much, and he doesn’t really like the red wine she ordered! What a jerk right?

poor guy in singapore

Not a big deal right? Another friend of mine, she want to give birth at a private hospital. And guess what her husband did? Just stood by, watching my friend foot the bill. He insisted on a public hospital! When the kid grew up, he insisted that the kid is enrolled into a normal school. What a terrible man! If she wants anything better, it would be alright as long as he is not the one footing the bill! Not my problem he says!

Here’s one wise saying: there’s no woman that will leave you because of money. If that’s the case, she would have left you long ago. The only fear for a woman is that when both are striving for a better life, a lazy husband is one that bogs it down. That is the ultimate insult to the words love and us.