Singaporeans are easiest to fool, at least US$2000 per month!

Recently, there have been several cases of Singapore male getting cheated by lovely mei mei on Wechat. The Singapore government has also helped to raise awareness by putting up posters, don’t kena cheat hor! The writer of this article thinks that Singapore males can only blame themselves.

First, they are lustful. Second, they are not quite intelligent. Even Philippines web scam artists say that Singaporeans are the most gullible. Maybe the government is to be blamed too, because they have trained them to be so regimented that they have lost the way to think. And that is why the web scam artists can say…huat ah!

Wechat sex scam alert, 

Are Singaporeans really that easy to be conned? One web scam artist in Philippines thinks so. She says that she can cheat at least S$2000 from Singaporeans on a monthly basis, and they are the easiest to con.

Aged 27, Janice (not her real name) is a Filipina housewife. And she is a full time in web scam operations! Introduced into this job by her friends, she says the easy way to earn money is the biggest attraction. Just based on that, she can earn S$3000, which is almost like a senior manager’s pay.

She told Channel News Asia that Singaporeans, compared to others, are an easy group to cheat.

“Australians are harder to deal with, as they are more street-smart, and so I often have to change tactics to counter them. I have to be sweeter in my talking. Not like Singaporeans, who so easily fall for me.”

Cyber Secure Asia Managing Director Shigeto Miyamoto says that even though Singapore is a small country, but in cyberspace they are one of the biggest markets. Internet security provider Vantage Point Security also gave their thoughts: “whatever you do in cyberspace, whether you’re chatting with friends or buy something online…all of them are in your computer’s records. So, we just need to get into your computer and can tell you more than you can tell us.”

With the rapid development of technology, con artists have also banked on that to cheat money.

Jimmy (not his real name of course lah, so malu) is a Wechat user. This is a free-to-use phone app, and downloaded by 650 million people worldwide. One day, he received a message from a stranger named Momi. After adding her to his friend list, the two started to chat more regularly. Momi also started to pass him photos of her, all these in exchange for money and as a part-time ‘girlfriend’. Jimmy agreed and even arranged a face-to-face meeting.

Momi didn’t attend the meeting. Instead, Jimmy received a phone call from Momi’s friend, who wanted him to buy a Apple iTunes gift card as a reward for the sex services. Jimmy proceeded with the requested, and even submitted his IC details + photo to Momi. That was later used as an extortion tool. Poor Jimmy then became a victim of the credit-for-sex. He would later call the police for help.

According to statistics, since the first half of 2015, S$1.59 million has been scammed in this credit-fox-sex cases. For love web scam cases, it was S$3.70 million!

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