How to applying for PEP pass? High-earning Employment Pass holders

Got permit, sure can work. Of course this rule applies in Singapore. If you don’t have one, you can expect the police to come for you! For less serious cases, you will be fined. But for more serious ones, you can go to jail – and after that get deported to your country.

So then, what kind of work permits allow you to have a life in Singapore?

WP – the lowest level of a work permit. No minimum educational qualifications.

SP – the middle level, starting salary is at least $2200

EP – high level. An adjustment has been made. The starting salary is now at least $3600

Entrepass – mainly for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business by forming a Singapore registered company.

But what about this mysterious PEP? One word to describe it – ELITE.

Ministry of Manpower says that the PEP is mainly for those high-earning EP holders or overseas foreign professionals who meet the eligibility criteria.

EPE Pass

Firstly, you are allowed to hold a job in any sector. You do not need to re-apply for a new pass if you change jobs. You only need to notify the MOM. You can also stay in Singapore for up to 6 months without a job as the government helps in your search for new employment.

So then, looks like PEP is great right? But the eligibility and requirements are also on the high side.

EPE Pass 2

For an overseas foreign professional, the last drawn fixed monthly salary must be at least $18,000. Wah piang. So high right? EP holders earning a fixed monthly salary of at least $12,000 are also welcome to apply. Do note that PEP holders cannot build a business in Singapore. If so, need to apply for an Entrepass first!

How to apply? Download and fill up the PEP form. Here is the link >>

Have all the supporting documents ready. Then you may submit at any SINGPOST office.

PEP holders can also apply for a Dependant’s Pass to bring their family members over. PEP holders can have their legally married spouse come to Singapore, or kids that are under the age of 21. Long Term Visit Pass can also be applied for your common-law spouse, unmarried handicapped children above 21 years old, unmarried stepchildren under 21 years old and most importantly, your parents!

EPE Pass 3

Anyone succeeded in getting the PEP? Please comment below.