Want to get married in Singapore? You got this ‘7C’ first or not?

Admit it, last time when you single got think of marrying a rich person or not? Just like what you might have watched from a famous Japanese drama serial <<大和拜金女>> , when you move up from courtship (pak-tor) to marriage, suddenly there will be lots of requests. Here’s a list of Singapore’s most famous 7C. Last time 5C hor, now upsize liao.



Normally got swimming pool, gym, tennis court packaged inside. Got this sure got face lah. About 80% of people here live in HDB flats by the way.


buy car

In Singapore, feeding a car is very expensive. Only 15% of the population own these four wheels. Actually own car also own this another C, the COE that is. It is a certificate invented by the Singapore government which allows you to drive on their roads. Because of that, the prices of new cars in Singapore are very very very expensive!


singapore cash

Cash is king. It is the most realistic form of spending. Tio boh? According to a 2014 economics report from England, Singapore is number one in living expenses. Singaporeans normally live with their parents until they get married. And they will save on the rental expenses, and that is why they can save so much cash!

4.Credit card

sg credit card

Singapore is a credit card paradise. According to stats from HSBC Bank, Singapore have the most credit cards per capita in the South East Asia region. On average, one has 3.3 credit cards. And out of every 10 people, 7 will have platinum credit cards!


Work in singapore

Got good career, sure got future. In this equal society, the females got high qualifications and a good-paying job. This is quite common in Singapore. Naturally, they would want to choose someone that has an even better career than them!


Must be high high one okay. Not kindergarten one. So, naturally it starts when you are young. A good certificate brings you a good life in Singapore, and it attracts all the females, confirm!

7.Club Membership

sg club membership

In Singapore, got lots of golf courses islandwide. Got this club membership can act ‘atas’ and go in have a cup of tea, wear sunglasses act act…so 拉风right…cool….

PS: Singapore is an expensive place to live it, so it is quite right females would want to raise their expectations. But here’s a piece of advice. Good guys are hard to find in Singapore. If you don’t want to be left on the shelf…then faster lower down a bit lah…

This article was original by NextSingapo.com