The top ten traits of a JB person – agree?

Johor Bahru is the capital of the state of Johor. It is the second largest city in Singapore and is connected to Singapore by the Causeway. They are geographically linked. But are their citizens naturally the same? Here are the top ten traits of a JB person. See if you agree?

  1. Any JB family sure got at least one member working in Singapore

jb to singapore custom 3

And I can tell you the wonderful exchange rate where you get 3RM for every 1SGD is the reason why. Many will envy you, but you can try telling them that the Singapore dollar actually not easy to earn lah!

  1. The exchange rate


When it goes higher, those JB people that earn SGD will of course be happy. And it benefits Singaporeans too, who will come and do their shopping here. It is a win-win situation. But it can also be problematic for those that send their kids to school in the Lion City. Of course, expenses will also go up if you stay in Singapore during the workweek and go back during the weekend.

  1. Isn’t JB dangerous?

malaysia jb dangerous

This is a common refrain. People will always tend to worry about the safety issues in JB. There’s even this silly saying, “never kena robbery means you are not from JB”. But as many JB people would like to protest, their area is actually very safe one.

  1. JB flooding?

malaysia jb flood

There’s been an increasing rate of flooding in Singapore. Maybe Singaporeans have got used to this ‘ponding’ issue.

  1. Rising land costs

malaysia jb property price

It applies in the Iskandar region – where it is developing a maniac rate. Naturally, the costs will be higher too.

  1. Temple runs

need to watch at jb

What? You never take part in these activities before? That means you are not from JB lah. Sure?

  1. Watch Channel 8 more than Astro

channel 8

Strange that many JB people like to watch Channel 8. The reception there is, of course, good. And what about the radio stations such as Love 97.2, FM 93.3 or FM 95.8? They are JB people’s favourites!

  1. Go Café hopping

JB has seen many cafes sprouting everywhere in recent years. The popularity of mamak stalls is going down as well.

  1. Follow Johor Sultan on Facebook

jb king

Every JB loves their Sultan Ibrahim Ismail, following his every move on the social media. Even some Singaporeans follow him too!

  1. No matter what, I love JB

i love jb

JB can still improve on lots of area – such as transport, security and social issues. JB people have their grievances, but they still love their JB, hoping that they can match Singapore one day. No matter what, I love JB!

Are you a JB kaki? Share your views below.