附:Wilson Leong的Facebook求助全文

Update on 20/9/16, 8.15am. Police investigations have started. My mum’s bicycle is found at Block 541.

As many have suggested, I think the police will be following down the line of checking CCTV, the ambulance phone call. We’ll leave the further investigations to the police.

It’s thanks to your little gesture of sharing on Facebook that reached out to witnesses and news agencies. I’ve shared all the information I’ve been provided by people who messaged me personally, to the police. It’s really amazing how information can flow so fast on Social Media. I’m deeply thankful.

I’ve provided a picture of my mum and a picture of the bus stop at Block 541. Hopefully, more witnesses and the people who helped my mum during the accident step forward to assist in police investigations.


Update on 19/9/16, 3.50pm: According to a witness, the accident happened at Pasir Ris Blk 541 bus stop. The culprit is believed to be a young Chinese male that look no older than 21 years old.

On 17 September 2016 at about 10-11am, my mum got hit by a person riding an E Scooter/Bike at either Pasir Ris Block 541 or Pasir Ris Drive 6. This is the report provided by the ambulance. The details of what happened are not clear. My mum was most probably riding a red bicycle but we do not know where her bicycle is right now.

The culprit called an ambulance and sent my mum to CGH but disappeared without leaving his contact behind as stated by the doctor.

As of now, my mum has been through a 6-hour long operation on Saturday 17/9 to remove the blood clot at the back of the head. On Sunday 18/9, her condition turned for the worse as fluid started to build up in her head, resulting in a swell that presses onto the brain. This resulted is her brain’s blood pressure being dangerously low too. After considering the recommendations by the neurosurgeon, there was not much time to lose. She had to undergo another operation to drain the fluids by inserting an artificial tube into her brain cavity. She is still in ICU now. Her condition is stabilized for now, but there is no certainty as to what might happen next.

If you know anything about the accident or seen a random red mountain bicycle that is unlocked or damaged around the Pasir Ris neighbourhood, please contact me at 94898253 or Facebook message me.

Or, if you know of anybody who owns an E-Scooter/Bike that might be the culprit, please tell him/her to drop his/her cowardly act and be responsible for the situation and my mother. Not just for my mother but for everyone else who is sharing the same road as you as you ride your E-Scooter/Bike!

My family and I would appreciate any information no matter how small it is.

Lastly, please help me to share this post and spread the message. Thank you very much!!

*Picture is of Pasir Ris Drive 6. A possible location of the accident. My mother frequents here regularly*