She came to Singapore 7 days only and she earns tens of thousands

Geylang, Singapore’s only legalized red light district. It’s not just about brothels. There’s quite a bunch of KTVs too. Not family themed ones, but sleazy ones of course. Here’s an account from one that has worked in one of those KTVs. Read her colorful story!

I am born in the 90s. I don’t look like a superstar, and my height is average as well. After working two years in a night club, I think I am still nowhere near to superstar status. Before that, I have heard of ladies going there for work, and go back home in half a year, able to afford housing and car. That tempted me. So, I did a quick check, asked several middlemen and made my way to the Lion City.

Geylang – Singapore’s very own Miami Vice?

geylang ktv

Once I touched down at Changi Airport, there was someone there to receive me. He bought me a phone SIM card and changed around S$400. It was early morning then, and there were not much people around. The skyscrapers I thought would puncture the Singapore sky, well, just where were they? Mostly all were tiny small buildings. Strange.

My living space? Right above the “company”. Restaurants, eateries line the road up to my company. And there are different cuisines such as Korean, Thai and Japanese! Well, Singapore is indeed a food paradise.

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The living space is small, cramped to be honest. Just a double decker bed, and with little ground space to work around. And guess my horror when I was told this kind of accommodation can fetch $300 per month! Shocking! Meals are quite affordable, around S$3 to S$5. A trip to the restaurant will be more expensive, maybe at least ten bucks.

My first night of sleep – well, I didn’t think much. Just put a blanket over me, and count sheep. Action starts tomorrow!

Singapore is famed for its expensive land prices, so imagine my shock when I first saw the nightclub, my company! It’s so cramped as well. Only 11 tables and two suites. And the furnishing, well, they are just way off the mark. It goes way back to the 90s as well.

And guess what, there’s no real need to sing like a superstar too. As long got karaoke standard can already. I can recall the first day of business. Just five or six tables were occupied. The first customer to walk in was a middle-aged uncle. He spent around half an hour drinking beer and was done after spending around S$100 on a flower garland. The next one was in a more playful mood, and loved to play the card game, “Big Two”. And I can tell you that Singaporeans suck at this game, their skills are of the beginner level! I easily won S$100 from him, and before leaving, he even forked out another S$100 on a flower garland for me. And not bad, my first day of revenue!

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And not all Singaporeans are bad wolves! Some would even warn me not to reveal my underwear accidentally and not get drunk easily. That, actually, is also a cardinal sin in the company. Do not get drunk or you will face the wrath of the manager. And that’s because you can no longer carry on and sing and work.

I was in Singapore for seven days, and the most I earned in a day was S$900! Deduct the company’s cut, and add on the tips, and I think I earned close to S$10000 in a week! (丽都,贵都,中国城,八号)

singapore night club

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That is small change. I saw a prettier girl, she’s from Dalian I think. She earned all of my amount in just one day! In the end, my family kind of knew what I was doing in Singapore. I wised up and left for home. This journey has been a holiday.

To earn big money in Singapore, working for a famous nightclub is the most important. Once you are with them, there’s no real problem of earning big money even though you could be a plain Jane.

Now, for the cons. Some men will start to lure you go out. Some will fall for that, while some will not. It really depends on you ultimately.

For those who want to try their luck. Well, you need not be pretty – your looks just need to be pleasing on the eye. You earn $10,000 back home, that is multiplied by several folds in Singapore! So think carefully!

If you are really to take the plunge, it’s not necessarily you will settle down immediately. You need to adjust to life there, and there might not be many customers. And if you don’t have a soulmate, well, you can cry yourself to sleep every night. A good middleman is also important. What if he brings you to a place that ghosts don’t even wanna go? Correct?

Good luck all! Share with us if you have colorful story!