Garlic cheese smell? That’s coming from her hair!

Every Morning in the MRT station, I will see her in an executive OL suit. Wah, good figure also. She must be 25 to 28 years old I think. She will always come onboard from the Sembawang station, and alight at City Hall.

But I shall stop at that. And that’s because of her hair smell. It was unwelcoming. It smelt like garlic cheese smell. It won’t be so bad if you are 5m away from her. But the ordeal will be hard-hitting if you are just next to her.


Of course, it’s not just garlic cheese hair smells that is horrific. Smelly armpits, sourish body odour, why can’t these commuters attempt to wash up in the morning? It’s basic manners. They can spend 10 minutes of their time doing just that instead of trying to play with their smartphone in bed.

There’s another time I saw a teenager. Wow, her hair was all wet and I guess she couldn’t afford to buy a hairdryer or a towel. Every time she flicked her hair, it was like a garden hose set free. Quite a few kena the water droplets from her. Haha, that was damn funny to watch.


But back on the garlic cheese lady. I remembered I was next to her the very first time. That was also the very last time. I held my breath, and tried to escape. But as it was rush hour, there was no space for me to escape. The air in the cabin was stifling, and the air-conditioning was really off. It was not running at a comfortable temperature. I can only alight at the next station.

Singapore is a fine city right? Maybe put up barriers, and let them check for bad hair smells. Give them free shampoo and wash up on the spot? Haha, just kidding.

Hats off to the people who have to suffer all these while commuting to work or school. What are the other peeves that turn you off?


  • People, especially old aunties, talking loudly

Yes, they are an exceptional bunch. While everyone is busy focusing on his/her smartphone, the air of silence will be punctuated by the chatterboxes. They will talk loudly without a care in the world, talk about last night’s latest happenings in the drama serial, and what are they going to do for the next day. Seriously. Keep the volume down. Be considerate.

  • Pole dancers

These people like to rest their backs on the poles. This is just irritating. You are depriving people, some of them with a poor equilibrium. Small children might fall, not to mention the elderly. This is basically their lifeline. Don’t be a slouch, you have a spine right?

  • Trying to cram in when the train is already packed

These type of people only know how to delay the arrival times. They die die won’t leave when it’s obviously overloaded. Must really get the SMRT staff drag them out.

Any other major dislikes you see in the SMRT? Please comment below. Thanks!